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Homework helps you to make your interior design stand out by providing a range of luxury home accessories including soft furnishings, small planters, clocks, posters, stationeries and many more. Our products are personally curated by our professional curators to ensure that the quality, originality and functionality are maintained. We also have a few local and international designers as our partner to keep our collection up to date to current trend.

Apart from that, Homework provides furniture and lightings customization because we value the distinct taste of our customers or simply because we understand that every unique space needs a custom designed piece. Our professional custom-made furniture and lightings makers will help you get anything made with your choice of materials, design and fabrics.

Homework takes pride in ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. In doing so, we provide free delivery of all items, professional live customer service (via Whatsapp, LINE or Email) and our little dance.

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